In this 25 minute interview, Clinton Power interviews Australia Counselling member and Sydney counsellor and psychotherapist Dr Roby Abeles on somatic experiencing.

In this interview Roby shares:

  • What somatic experiencing is and is not.
  • How somatic experiencing helps clients with trauma.
  • The history and philosophy of somatic experiencing.
  • The methodolgy of somatic experiencing.
  • Details of the Australian training program in somatic experiencing.
About the presenter:

Dr Roby Abeles is a Sydney psychotherapist who provides cutting-edge knowledge and training for corporate, specialty groups and individual consultations on a wide range of therapeutically related topics.  Some of these include: humane, effective treatment for trauma, and addiction; symptomology resulting from the as yet, unprocessed effects of overwhelming experience to the nervous system; ADD/ADHD, BiPolar and other variations of anxiety and depression, medical syndromes and symptoms including migraines, myoclonic tinnitus, chronic fatigue.


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