In this video, Casey Truffo speaks about the 5 traits of successful therapists and counsellors. The 5 traits she speaks about are

  1. Know where you’re going in your business
  2. Recognise it’s not easy to build a private practice
  3. Have a well-rounded marketing plan
  4. Be authentically you in all your marketing
  5. Have a review process of your marketing efforts

Casey speaks extensively about these 5 traits and how you can build them if you’re a beginning therapist or a more seasoned practitioner.

This is a fasinating and engaging talk by one of the thought-leaders in the therapy field and not to be missed.

Links to Casey’s trainings:

Start Your Counselling Practice


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Casey Truffo Be a Wealthy TherapistAbout Casey:

Casey Truffo, Marriage and Family Therapist is an income strategist and practice-building coach to therapists and coaches on five continents. She is the author of Be A Wealthy Therapist: Finally You Can Make a Living While Making a Difference. Founder of the International Therapist Leadership Institute, her mission is to enrich the lives and careers of therapists worldwide