I recently spoke with Dr. Judy Leung about the most common mistakes made by supervisors. Dr. Leung is experienced in training supervisors and providing professional supervision through her career of more than 33 years of clinical work. The 7 most common mistakes she discusses in the interview are:

    1. Being too nice or understanding of the supervisee at the expense of giving vital feedback.
    2. Being too instructional and didactic, as opposed to striking a balance between reflection and instruction.
    3. Neglecting the assessment, evaluation and review aspects of supervision.
    4. Not having a clear framework to guide supervision.
    5. Not matching the supervisor’s worldview and style of working with the supervisee’s before commencement of supervision.
    6. Not keeping track actively of the supervisee’s progress.
    7. Adopting a formulated approach to providing supervision along the line of “one size fits all” philosophy.

From Therapist to Supervisor: An Intimate 3-Day Supervisor Training Event

If you’re in Sydney and interested in training with Dr. Judy Leung in her 3-day event From Therapist to Supervisor, please visit this page to read more details. About the interviewee: Dr. Judy Leung, clinical psychologist: From Therapist to SupervisorDr. Judy Leung  is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with more than 33 years in clinical work. She has provided supervision to health professionals since 1987, and psychotherapists and psychologists since 1990. She was a trainer and supervisor in Gestalt Therapy for many years with the Illawarra Gestalt Centre  and co-director of Gestalt Practitioners Training Sydney (2004-2008). She has conducted supervisor-training workshops since 2005 with Alan Meara and was one of a few selected by the NSW Psychologists Registration Board in 2006 to provide supervisor training for psychologists within the state. Listen to the audio with the player at the top of this post, or listen on SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio, or subscribe in iTunes. button-itunes button-stitcher button-soundcloud photo credit: CarbonNYC