Jacqueline Stone and Clinton PowerWe love sharing the success stories of our members and Jacqueline Stone is one such member who runs a very successful psychotherapy practice in Sydney.

Clinton Power, founder of Australia Counselling interviews Australia Counselling member Jacqueline Stone of Jacqueline Stone & Associates about how having a niche therapy practice has helped her build a successful private practice where she works with her ideal clients and runs her business in a way that works for her.

Some of the benefits Jacqueline has experienced from marketing to a niche audience include:

  • attracting her ideal clients into her therapy practice
  • setting client expectations through her niche website
  • receiving client referrals that are much more ready to do the work of therapy
  • increased inquiries from journalists and the general media
  • increased exposure of her therapy business in the media

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About Jacqueline Stone:

Jacqueline Stone, Australia Counselling MemberJacqueline Stone is a counsellor and therapist who has been in private practice for 10 years. She specialises in helping people with stress and anxiety – to close the gap between how good their lives may appear and how they actually feel. She provides counselling and psychotherapy services within the Sydney CBD and is often in demand as a speaker on issues of management of stress and anxiety. Read more at her website Jacqueline Stone & Associates.

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