Did you know blogging can be a great way to build your authority in your niche and attract more clients?

The search engines like Google also love it when you publish fresh and valuable content on a regular basis.

In this 60-minute webinar, Clinton Power, founder of Australia Counselling covers the following areas:

The Benefits of Blogging

  • how blogging can establish you as a thought leader and authority in your niche
  • how blogging raises your expert status in your are of practice
  • how blogging helps you build credibility within your community
  • how blogging leads to greater exposure in the media- leading to interviews and media requests
  • how a blog can be a stepping stone to writing an ebook or a traditionally published book
  • how blogging can is a time-effective marketing strategy
  • why Google loves fresh content and the competitive advantage this gives you
  • how your blog can become a resource for clients

How to Create a Blog: Blogging Technology

  • why you should use WordPress.org NOT WordPress.com
  • the features and benefits of WordPress for blogging
  • the importance of integrating your blog into your website

How to Find Blog Ideas

  • why listening to your clients is essential to give you new ideas
  • the importance of ethical issues regarding confidentiality
  • the value of reading newspapers and watching the news
  • how to use mind mapping software
  • the importance of awareness days
  • the value of reading other blogs and following bloggers

How to Structure the Writing of Your Blogs

  • the importance of compelling headlines
  • why you need to use subheadings
  • tips for structuring your writing
  • the value of calls to action
  • the importance of encouraging comments
  • how many words you need to aim for
  • the importance of interlinking your blog posts
  • how to link out to resources and other websites

Publishing Tips for Maximum Exposure

  • how to use eye-catching images to draw in the reader
  • where to get free photos for your blog
  • how to share your posts on social media
  • best tips for sharing on Twitter
  • other lesser known social media networks to consider
  • the importance of proof reading
  • the value of refreshing your archives
  • the importance of creating a publishing schedule

Plus we review the blogs of two Australia Counselling members Jodie Gale and Colleen Morris to demonstrate blogging best practices.

Click below to watch the video replay of this presentation or listen to the audio above.

If you don’t currently have a blog, check out this tutorial which shows you how to install a blog in under 20 minutes:

How to Install a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog in Under 20 Minutes

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