There’s no doubt that online video is experiencing an exponential growth in recent times. If you’re marketing your private practice online, it’s an important channel to consider adding to your marketing mix.

Have a look at some of these amazing video statistics:

  • 4 billion YouTube views a day
  • 6 billion hours of video watched a month on YouTube
  • 300 hours per minute of new videos uploaded to YouTube
  • 323 days worth of YouTube videos viewed on FB every minute
  • 1 billion videos viewed on Facebook each day
  • The average Facebook user worldwide watched 75% more video this year compared to last year
  • Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014

So we spoke with professional videographer Duane Strauss of Bright Crayon Productions about how to create short videos to promote your private practice.

In this interview he shares:

  • the different kinds of videos you can create to promote your services
  • the benefits of video over text or images
  • tips he recommends for DIY video
  • the basic equipment you need to get up and running with your video recording
  • the benefits of working with a professional videographer
  • how can you prepare for making an effective and compelling video
  • the most common mistakes people make when creating video

See some examples of Duane’s videography below using Hero Video style:

Clinton Power + Associates

Danielle Chiel

Mr Vitamins

Andrew Carlton

Examples of talking head video (professional)

Amanda Woolveridge – Avalon Couples Therapist

Frances Taylor – Good Counselling

Jason Fierstein – Phoenix Men’s Counselling

Clinton Power + Associates

Examples of talking head video (DIY)

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

About Duane Strauss

Duane StraussDuane Strauss is a Brisbane based TV producer for Network Ten. His aim is to inspire and educate audiences through engaging and entertaining content. His side business, Bright Crayon Productions, has seen him film clients in Australia and across Asia. Duane specialises in corporate branded videos.  To contact Duane click here to send him an email. 

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