Website design is one of those fields that is in constant flux. What was cool and cutting edge in design two years ago is now obsolete and out of fashion.

And when it comes to websites for therapists, it’s critical your website reflects current trends so your professional face to the world looks up-to-date and attracts your ideal clients.

So we spoke with accomplished website designer Kat Love, who specialises in creating website for psychotherapists. We asked her about the current trends you need to know and some of the biggest mistakes she sees therapists make in their websites.

In this interview Kat discusses:

  • changes in website design over the last few years
  • why she only recommends WordPress self-hosted as a website platform
  • some of the biggest mistakes therapists make on their websites
  • the top website trends we should all know about
  • why mobile responsive is no longer an option – it’s essential
  • what is website conversion and why you want to build a website that converts
  • some simple tips you can do today to improve your website conversions
  • where she sees the future of website design

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About Kat Love

Kat Love - website designer for therapistsKat Love, founder of, builds and designs websites to help psychotherapists grow their practice’s online presence. Kat’s appreciation of therapists stems from the powerful healing that therapists helped her achieve following childhood sexual abuse and neglect.