In this 45 minute video, Tamara Suttle, founder of the very popular blog for therapists called Private Practice from the Inside Out speaks about how to use relationships as the basis of your therapy marketing.

Tamra also speaks about:

  • How she built her own practice when she was starting out? What worked and what didn’t work?
  • How marketing has changed for therapists today in terms of what they need to focus on in their marketing efforts, as opposed to 5 or 10 years ago.
  • How to use marketing as the foundation of all your marketing efforts
  • The importance of counsellors in developing relationships online today
  • Tips for building relationships offline and how to approach networking
  • Tips for counsellors who are starting a new private practice today and have no clients.
  • Tips for therapists who have had a busy practice in the past but have lost clients and need to build up again.

Click here to listen or download the mp3 to listen later. Please add your comments or questions in the box below.

About the presenter:

Tamara Suttle PsychotherapistTamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC has maintained a private clinical practice since 1991 and founded Private Practice from the Inside Out in 2003. She is the host of the blog, All Things Private Practice. For almost 20 years she has consulted with and coached creative and health care professionals and entrepreneurs.

She has completed over one thousand of hours of training and research, reading and interviews with very successful marketing professionals, thought leaders,  writers, psychotherapists, and other cultural creatives to learn what does and does not work to build a successful private practice that brings profit, energy, and joy. She has also built two vigorous and vibrant private practices based only on full-fee paying clients. Tamara is licensed as a Professional Counsellor in both Texas and Colorado and maintains a growing private practice. You can learn more about her clinical practice at her website.

  • Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC

    Hi, Clinton! I just stumbled across this interview of me for the first time tonight.

    Between the snow storm and my nerves (I think this was the very first time I was ever interviewed live), I was hardly your most polished guest.

    Ha – Just wanted to say – again – thank you for your kind offer for the interview.

    You were and are a gracious host and I appreciated the opportunity to get my feet wet with videoing.

    I’ve had a few more opportunities since then to get in front of a camera and in front of a microphone and I always let hosts know that it is to your credit that I don’t continue to roll my eyes, look away from the camera, or ramble quite as much as I used to .

    I’m also enjoying yours and Juliet’s new podcasting show and continuing to learn from your work!

    • Yes, our interview was quite the challenge with your snow storm going on!
      Would you be interested in coming on the Australia Counselling Podcast soon? Would love to interview you about blogging and have you share your expertise in this area.